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June 10
Monthly meeting with speaker: Ken Crouse

June 13 Foray

June 18 Foray

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Silk Scarf Dyeing Workshop

July 10th 6-9pm

Alissa Allen is coming to town and she has agreed to present a three hour silk scarf shibori workshop. You will learn the simple steps for extracting and harnessing the pigments found in a few common, easy to recognize wild mushrooms and lichens.

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Nama 2015 Blue Ridge Foray

September 24-27 at the historic Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain.

If you ever wondered what the North American Mycological Association is all about this is your golden opportunity. NAMA offers a large regional "Foray" yearly that extends over 3 nights and we are proud that Asheville Mushroom Club and Mushroom Club of Georgia have been chosen to host this year’s event.

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Monthly Favorites

Mushroom Spotlight

Cantharellus cibarius

AKA the golden chanterelle
The time is upon us for the coming of the golden chanterelle, perhaps the most prized of the edible wild mushrooms. Search the moist forests for the egg yolk yellow caps growing on the forest floor (not on wood). The cap has a wavy inrolled margin with a depressed center.

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Baked Trout with Apricot Chanterelles

Recipe by Charlotte Caplan.

A few chanterelles will enhance an omelet or almost any other egg dish. But here’s a more elaborate way to serve chanterelles which I worked up last year, too late to get it into the AMC Cookbook. It’s an easy recipe, but impressive enough to serve at a dinner party.

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Next Guest Speaker

Ken Crouse

June 10, 2015

Speaking on “Mushrooms of the Southern Appalachians: A Sampler of What's Out There.”
Ken Crouse is a co-owner of Peaceful Valley Gardens in Wilkes County, NC. He has been collecting and studying fungi for over 30 years.

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