Date: July 24-26, 2015
Leaders: Sue Brown and Ed Mayer

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The Briar Bottom Camping foray was successful this year with seventeen members attending. There were only a small number of campers who all enjoyed the more intimate camaraderie around the campfire. Charlotte coordinated the nine day-trippers who came out on Sat. to join the campers on foray and for lunch.

The weather was beautiful throughout the weekend in contrast to last year when the foray had to be cancelled because of torrential rain.  Although the area was fairly dry, the group identified 101 species.  Thanks to Charlotte and Mike for their expert ID skills.  Because there were quite a few new members Mike provided a very informative table walk pointing out the basic differences and identifying characteristics of the various families of fungi.  Lactarius species were very prevalent (13 found). A notable new find was Rubroboletus rhodosanguineus, a striking red-pored bolete first described in 1998 as Boletus rhodosanguineus and renamed in 2014.

This year we also had two children at the campout who were very adept at bringing in some interesting finds.  A nice display of Chicken of the Woods was found on an old snag, enough for everyone who wanted to take home a share for dinner.  The club plans to return to Briar Bottom on the slopes of Mt Mitchell again in 2016.