Date: April 5, 2016
Lead by: Mike Hopping

A full complement of AMC members got an early start on a cold morning to participate in the club’s first morel foray of 2016. It took place on Tuesday, April 5. We were a mix of folks: some new to mushrooming, some new to AMC, and enough grizzled club vets to impart confidence. All in all, the area was once again a fine kickoff to the our foray season.

We had near perfect weather conditions. Despite some cold nights, there’d been no recent frost. Soils were moist. Mayapples were up. Dogwood, trillium, and chickweed were flowering. Yellow morels, Morchella americana, and tulip morels, M. diminutiva, were fruiting, not in great quantity but enough that most of us found at least one. Nobody brought in a black morel, M. angusticeps, nor had I seen one on a scouting trip the previous week. Since black morels have been common at this location, we can only hope that their absence is localized bad luck and not an ominous regional portent. Dryad’s Saddle, Polyporus squamosus, was another surprising no-show.

This location is home of the miniature morel, and this year’s harvest did not disappoint. If you can spot morels at here you can do it anywhere. The winner in both the largest and smallest morel categories was Jada Brennan, though her tiny entry beat out minis from Ginger and new members Cynthia Tina and Nick Joyce by only a gram or two. Jerri-Anne McDermith, an experienced mushroomer recently moved in from Missouri, scored in the mostest category with a total of eight.

First club morel of the season, Morchella americana.

Jada Brennan displays her winners.

Ginger Fisher’s diminutive Morchella diminutiva.