Date: May 5, 2016
Leader: Dan M. Manning

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On an unseasonably cool day in early May, sixteen members of the Asheville Mushroom Club visited the highly diverse Big Ivy area (on the Appalachian RD of Pisgah NF) for a half-day plant ID and plant communities familiarization session. Plants expertise was provided by Gary Kauffman (Forest Botanist/Ecologist, NFs in NC) and Janet Manning (Horticultural Director, Corneille Bryan Native Garden), both of whom are AMC members. A more detailed description of the area and the plants list are found later in this document.

Although the date fell between the spring morel season and the advent of the summer mushroom season, the fungi were not forgotten. Even though we ignored most of the dried-up brackets, thanks to the sleuthing ability and fungi-ID expertise of Mike Hopping, we came up with a short list of four species, two of which are new to AMC, as well as two interesting lichens. All photos were provided by Mike Hopping.

The fungi:
Allodus podophylli = Puccinia podophylli = Mayapple Rust - First AMC record.
Ganoderma tsugae = Hemlock Varnish Shelf
Mitula elegans = Swamp Beacon - First AMC record.
Xeromphalina tenuipes

And the lichens:
Umbilicaria mammulata = Rock Tripe
Usnea subfusca

  • Indian Paintbrush
  • Lichen   Usnea Subfusca
  • Mayapple Rust
  • Swamp Beacon