Date: June 28, 2016
Leader: Dan M. Manning

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Twenty-four AMC members (including our youngest, 10-mo. old Anika Sage) gathered for a remarkably successful mushroom foray in the Big Ivy area (on the Appalachian RD of Pisgah NF) on a pleasantly warm Tuesday in late June. Why have I described it as “remarkably successful”? That’s because, even though I found practically nothing at any elevation (~2600’ to 4400’) during my scouting trip on the previous Saturday, this half-day foray yielded 29 species, including a smattering of edibles. Possible factors contributing to such success: more eyes, covering less area, but moving more slowly than during my hurried coverage of >8 miles of road and numerous rushed short hikes to check-out “promising” sites on the prior Saturday; and significant rain showers since Saturday to break a long dry spell (the woods were still wet).

Roughly half of the participants had had little or no previous foray/mushroom collecting experience (significantly higher than most AMC forays). We split up into three groups, each with a good balance of “old hands” and less experienced folks; hit the woods around mid-morning; and reconvened around the tables at mid-day.

The foray was limited to the lower elevations (<2700’), focusing primarily on the near-stream (Corner Rock Creek) and colluvial toeslope areas within 300 yards to either side of Forest Road 74 upstream from the juncture of Corner Rock Creek and Walker Branch for a distance of ~0.4 mi. plus the near-road areas along the ~0.6 mi. of Forest Road 231 on NF ownership.

Thanks to Mike Hopping for identifying the collected mushrooms and conducting an informative table talk and to Jackie Schieb for her services as the foray photographer.

  • Big Ivy 3 Schieb
  • Big Ivy Lobster Schieb
  • Big Ivy Group Schieb
  • Big Ivy 4 Schieb