Date: August 6, 2016
Leaders: Laurie Jaegers and Frank Bartucca

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The Madison County foray on Saturday, August 6, 2016 had 19 participants, including the leaders, Laurie Jaegers and Frank Bartucca. Two generous property owners allowed the Asheville Mushroom Club access to their lands, and a generous third owner also stepped up to allow us crossing rights to some nearby National Forest.

The foray split into two groups: one along a network of lush trails in some relatively young mixed woods that began along a ridgetop and eventually descended, led by Laurie Jaegers. Frank Bartucca led the other group, which traversed some local farmland until reaching nearby National Forest lands. Those were largely acid cove forest with large amounts of rhododendron.

On the day of the foray, the area was hot and humid. The high temperature of the day was in the mid to upper 80s. The previous week had had a generous amount of rain.

After foraying, we ate lunch and set up our identification work at two tables, which Mike Hopping transported to the site. Mike Hopping led the identification process in his usual careful and thorough manner. He was assisted by Laurie Jaegers, Sheila Dunn, Frank Bartucca and Betty Dunajski. The foray yielded 98 species, at least two of them rare, Geastrum saccatum and Caloboletus firmus, and three others recorded by AMC for the first time. There was an abundance of Lactarius and Bolete-related species.

  • Chlorophyllum molybditesChlorophyllum molybdites
  • SporesSpores
  • Caloboletus firmusCaloboletus firmus
  • Geastrum saccatumGeastrum saccatum