Date: May 21, 2017
Leader: Marc Williams

Location and date: R Farms, 1530 New Stock Rd, Weaverville
Number of Participants: 18

It was a rainy, muddy day with no end to the rain in sight. This being the first foray I was leading, I wasn’t sure what to do about the possibility of flash floods and lightning. I contacted several AMC veterans and learned we nearly never cancel a foray because of rain. Well, onward then!

Of the 26 individuals who signed up, 18 showed up. Of the 18 who showed up, they all stayed and we all had a great time. Our host, John Rowland of R Farm, was warm and welcoming, offering his staff support as well. Marc Williams led us into the farm rows to identify native and invasive edible and medicinal greens. We explored the neighboring woods and creek side as well.

Some of the greens we learned and collected included bed straw, chickweed, burdock and purslane.

Many thanks to Michael Gentry for the culinary treats he shared with us as we regrouped and talked about the world of beneficial plants with Marc Williams. Thanks to John Rowland, for opening up his farm to us, and to his staff, Sky, who guided us in harvesting and prepping bamboo shoots from their fields. Thanks to Marc for teaching us in such an inspiring and thoughtful way, as is his style.

This foray is highly recommended for future years.

greens foray with Marc2 052117