Date: June 29, 2017
Leader: Dan M. Manning

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Fourteen AMC members gathered for an early summer foray (the first of the summer season) in the Big Ivy area of the Appalachian RD, Pisgah NF, on a pleasantly cool Thursday in late June, 2017 – almost a year to the day after the club’s first mushroom foray there in 2016 following a long dry spell.

We split up into three (fluid) groups, hit the woods around mid-morning, and reconvened around the tables near the junction of FRs (Forest Roads) 74 and 231 at mid-day.

Sing with me now! – What a difference a year makes…and all those recent showers…They’ve already brought flowers…and now mushrooms too…

Yes, even with fewer active eyes and feet on the ground, the group found a quite respectable 62 species (including a smattering of edibles) – more than twice as many as were found last year. Not bad for such an early mushroom foray, our first of the summer season.

NOTE: Maps show the large stream addressed in the following discussion as Walker Branch. However, Trail 165 is signed as Walker Creek Trail.

  • The near-stream (Corner Rock Creek) and colluvial toe slope areas within 300 yards to either side of FR74 upstream from the juncture of Walker Branch and Corner Rock Creek for a distance of ~0.4 mi.
  • A very crudely triangular-shaped area of alluvial and colluvial soils bounded by FR74 to the NW, the right bank of Walker Branch to the S, and the ~0.6 mi. of FR231 to the E. This area is served by the lower segment of Walker Creek Trail (and several “user made” branches) which extends along/near Walker Branch from FR74 to parking area on NF at the S end of FR231.
  • An area above the confluence of Staire Branch and Walker Branch. The area is accessed by continuing on Walker Creek Trail upstream for a short distance from the FR231 parking area and crossing Walker Branch. Beyond the crossing lies a large expanse which offers sites including alluvial near-stream areas, cove and colluvial toe slopes, and a few benches –bounded by Walker Branch to the NNW and Staire Branch to the SSW.

Thanks to Mike Hopping for identifying the collected mushrooms and conducting an informative table talk (see photos of talk in progress) and to Rhian Nevergold for capturing the day with some great photos. And those extra helpings of Ginger’s delicious cookies made my day.

  • Big Ivy   Amanita Atkinsoniana
  • Big Ivy   It Should Smell Like Chlorine
  • Big Ivy   June 29
  • Big Ivy   Stinkhorn Egg