Date: July 26, 2014
Leader: Amanda Lavallee

On a sunny Sunday in July, 32 enthusiastic AMC members visited the Pink Beds area in Pisgah National Forest to foray. We were accompanied by mycologists Jay Justice and Prof. Rich Baird of Mississippi State University. The weather was much more cooperative than the previous year, and we were able to complete the foray without being washed out!

The group split up to explore both ends of the loop trail as out-and-backs, and folks also spread out to forage for goodies around the multiple meadows and picnic area. We ended up with a total of 90 species, including two firsts for the club: Laccaria laccata var. pallidifolia (Peck) – a species we have probably seen many times but have not been able to identify more precisely than as “Laccaria laccata group”- and Hydnellum scleropodium, positively ID'd by Prof. Baird who has recently published a definitive paper on the tooth fungi of the SE United States.

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