Date: June 29, 2014
Leader: Charlotte Caplan

Approximately 35 AMC members gathered at Holmes Forest near Hendersonville, NC on June 29 for the AMC’s first summer foray of the 2013 mushroom season. After a late, wet spring, the woods were in good condition, with damp ground and plenty of new undergrowth. Scouting earlier in the week had revealed very few fungi, but daily rains and warm temperatures (low 80’s daytime) generated impressive new mushroom growth in time for the foray.

Stu Syms led the foray, ably assisted by Mike Hopping, Charlotte Caplan, Jackie Schieb, and Ken McGill. After splitting into three foray groups, members foraged on the Demonstration Trail, the Soil and Water Trail, and the Crab Creek Trail. All groups found a variety of young mushrooms and the total number of species reached 80 – a record for this location. The most unusual find was the Smoky Yellow Pluteus (Pluteus flavofuligineus), which we last saw in June 2009 in the Cataloochee Valley.

After collecting mushrooms for an hour and a half, the group met at the picnic area for lunch and identification of fungi. Charlotte Caplan, Mike Hopping, Bre O’Connor, and Jackie Schieb led the identification effort, and all members were encouraged to participate and learn about their finds.

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