Date: August 23, 2014
Leaders: Christina Bates

Approximately 20 AMC members gathered at Beaucatcher Park on August 23rd for the AMC’s first foray at this city site. Despite a soccer game happening at the same time, there was still plenty of parking for all attendees. The conditions were very dry as it hadn’t rained in at least a week so we weren’t sure what to expect.

Christina Bates led the foray, assisted by Rob Heck, and Bre O’Connor who were also familiar with the site. We split into 3 groups as the site is small with limited off trails. Each group found several mushrooms with the total number of species reaching 50 – which was surprising given the lack of rain. Not bad either for a spot located within the Asheville city limits! In terms of edibles, plenty of aborted entolomas and Lactarius volemus were harvested and later enjoyed.

After collecting mushrooms for an hour, the group met under the stadium bleachers (which provided great respite from the summer sun) for lunch and identification of fungi. Charlotte Caplan, Mike Hopping, Bre O’Connor, and Amanda led the identification efforts.

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