Date: September 5, 2014
Leaders: Mike Hopping

The club foray season finished with a return to the DuPont State Forest. Alan and Arleen Bessette joined thirty-one of us in exploring the Lake Imaging area. Despite relatively dry conditions 119 species were identified, nine of them new to the AMC database. Edibles and dye mushrooms weren’t available in great quantity but eagle-eyed foragers were rewarded with modest amounts of chicken, chanterelles, edible species of Lactarius, Hydnellums, and red corts among others. I’m sad to report that uncertainty remains about which red capped, red gilled cort was found. The distinction between C. sanguineus and C. marylandensis isn’t clearcut, at least to the naked eye or with KOH. The eventual name on the plate turned out to be C. sanguineus.

A change of foray plan was needed on the fly, or rather, due to Japanese hornets. They’d set up shop in a tree near the proposed lunch pavilion and survived a spraying from rangers. The rangers were nice enough to tell us first thing in the morning and offered the Triple Falls pavilion instead. Ginger Fisher’s stealth foray group tiptoed past the hornets without incident but we accepted the Triple Falls offer for lunch and ID work. That involved extra driving, but most of us hiked down to the location. Wouldn’t you know it, one member was stung by a yellow jacket while standing at the ID tables. Other than that, it was hard to argue with perfect weather and Triple Falls.

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