Date: June 18, 2015
Leader: Mike Hopping

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It was a muggy day in the Paddy’s Creek district of Lake James. While not bone dry, the woods definitely could have used rain. The sixteen club members who made the trip dared not stand in one place too long lest they be snared by vegetation eager for a cup of sweat. We may have been a week or two early to catch the first big flush of summer species.  Nevertheless we identified twenty-six mushroom species including a few early chanterelles and two species new to the club record: Lentinus lepideus, the Train Wrecker, and Marasmius epiphyllus, the Leaf Parachute. In addition we found two allied organisms too fancy to ignore. The British Soldier lichen has red heads on top of branched green stalks that would otherwise be mistaken for moss. Eva Wood found the Chocolate Tube Slime Mold; you’ll need to Google Stemonitis splendensto believe it.

The advantage of finding so few species was that identification proceeded rapidly. Several participants took advantage of that fact and excused themselves for an afternoon swim.