Date: August 29, 2015
Leader: Shiela Dunn

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Twenty-five members led by Shiela Dunn assembled at the Turkey Pen trail head for the last foray of the 2015 season. No September forays this year because we were preparing for the NAMA foray at te end of the month. The access road seemed considerably improved: any car could make it up Turkey pen Road if they drove carefully and slow.

Sheila led a group down to the river and looped back on the road to the parking lot, while Ginger Fisher led a group on the upper trail which ends up at the river as well. A few people crossed the river by the hanging bridge and explored the other bank.

The weather in Asheville had been fairly dry in August, but this proved to be the most productive half-day foray of the season, with 116 species collected and identified - an extremely impressive total. Seven species were first records for the Club, including the stately Boletus nobilissimus and Meiorganum (or Pseudomerulius) curtisii, a strange wood-growing fungus with wrinkled gills that actually belongs in the order.Boletales.