Every month the Asheville Mushroom Club will host a guest speaker at our monthly meeting. Meetings are open to the public.

2018 Guest Speaker Schedule
Date Speaker
March 29 Mike Hopping "Morels"
April 26 Mike Hopping "What's that Mushroom?"
May 31 Marc Williams "Medicinal Mushrooms"
June 28 Andy Methven "Mushrooms of the Appalachians"
July 26 Scott Palvelle "Boletes"
August 30 Mike Hopping "Amanitas"
September 27

Mark Brenner "Fungi Cultivation"

October 25 Brandon Matheny TBD
November 29 Annual Business Meeting. Current members only.

July 2018 / AMC Monthly Meeting

Scott Pavelle talks all about boletes.

An attorney from Pittsburgh, Scott is a member of the Western Pennsylvania mushroom club. He's knowledgeable, funny, and knows his boletes! His talk will include what they are and how to find them. These fleshy fungi are eaten, used medicinally, and are also used for dyeing.

He'll walk the group through using a new "synoptic" key he developed to ID boletes. He'll also give some culinary tips for cooking them.


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